Friday, March 22, 2019

Cloud Deployment

We deploy your email solutions on the latest and the fastest cloud computing systems for increased speed and round the clock up-time.

Cloud computing is the latest way to host any number of digital services or resources. The infrastructure resides in a central location that is accessed via a single point over the internet, precluding the use of on-site servers. Many companies are now utilizing this technology because it tends to be cheaper, more scalable, and easier to upgrade to the latest level of technology.

Advantages of cloud hosting

  • Service scalability
  • Security assurance
  • Segregation of client data
  • Availability
  • Business continuity
  • Multi-protocol support

Backing up the data is another thing you need not worry about when you use a cloud-based system. The service provider will perform this task automatically and keep a certain period of backup data available on their server. No more need to worry about a missed backup or a faulty tape drive.