Friday, March 22, 2019

Cloud Consulting


Cloud Consulting

Cloud computing can yield great rewards for businesses. A well-implemented system can lower both upfront capital interments and overheads, reduces  costs by billing only according to usage, and most importantly allow companies to go to market rapidly with new, innovative services. But the risks are great as well. And to harness the clouds full benefits, the system must serve the company strategy, organisation and structure. Deepraj partners with major cloud players including Rackspace, Microsoft and Google to help you realise the cloud's full potential. As an independent system integrator, we leverage on our strong relationships with the leading partners to deliver best-in-class solutions. We can create a complete suite of server and storage solutions aligned to your business objectives and priorities.


In 2009, Gartner said Cloud Computing was at the peak of its Hype Cycle and predicted the technology to become main stream in less than five years. Today, many vendors are articulating variations on cloud strategies, ranging from private cloud computing to hybrid approaches. With so many Cloud Computing solutions emerging and at different stages of maturity, enterprises face real challenges in selecting the right solution for their business, assessing the investment and planning the implementation roadmap. We can help you transit to a Cloud Computing Service Platform by introducing best practices and providing insights into industry trends. We work closely with customers to identify priorities and opportunities relevant to their business.

Key Benefits

    • We help you align your organisation's business strategy with cloud computing
    • Evaluate and identify most suitable applications for the cloud
    • Recommendations for a cloud-based delivery model
    • Evaluate your existing business security and governance
    • Guidance on whether to retain control in-house cloud based infrastructure, or invest in the entire process