Friday, March 22, 2019



Software Licencing

When purchasing software, you not only have to choose a solution that meets your business's current and future needs, but you must also wade through multiple product releases, versions, requirements, license types, terms and, of course, prices.  Deepraj eliminates these time-consuming challenges by helping customers identify their product needs, choose the appropriate solution and negotiate for the best price

We leverage our extensive sales and management experience in the software industry to give you the following.

Significant Savings

Deepraj makes sure you get the right license for the best price. We have many years of INSIDE Oracle experience. We will give you our Unbiased Expert advice so you get the license that best fits your architecture and budget

Unbiased Expert Advice

Working with Oracle can be very difficult. There are different product versions, product releases, minimum and maximum requirements, license types, and license terms. Figuring out what you need, how much it costs, and whether it meets Oracle's license rules is not only time consuming but can be very costly

Exceptional Service

Our mission is to use our experience, knowledge, and relationships to get you what you need at the best possible price. We'll analyze your business needs, negotiate the contract and build a strong relationship with Oracle and other vendors so we can maximize your investment